Breakfast Buffet


Scrambled Eggs - Served with thick cut bacon, ham, sausage OR kielbasa. Home fries with onions and seasoning, fresh fruit salad and biscuits $9.95 per person
Add pancakes or french toast with butter and syrup for an additional $3.00 per person
French Toast or Pancakes - Served with thick cut bacon, ham, sausage or kielbasa with butter syrup and seasonal berries $9.95 per person
Strudel for Breakfast $39.95 each
We now serve the traditional breakfast sandwich in a new way! Using your favorite breakfast fillings in a puff pastry,shaped into a strudel baked to a delicious golden brown and rushed to you! A very easy way to serve an old favorite. Each strudel serves about 10 people. Here are few fillings that are considered favorites: Sausage, egg &cheese Ham, egg & cheese Spinach, egg &jack cheese Spicy ranchero, egg & cheese
Egg Benedict  $8.50 per person

2 Blueberry Pankakes  $3.95 per person

2 French Toast  $3.95 per person

Breakfast Omelette without sides  $5.95 per person

Breakfast Omelette with home fries  $6.95 per person

Breakfast Omelette with fruit salad  $7.95 per person

Scrambled eggs in a warming tray  $2.29 per person

4 Slices of bacon, 2 Sausage patties or ham  $3.29 per person

Home Fries (red potato with grilled onion)  $1.95 per person

Side bowl of cheese with salsa  $8.95 (serves 10-12 people)

Breakfast Casseroles Serves approximately 10-12
Spinach, eggs & cheese $49.95 each
Tomato, peppers, onions, mushrooms and cheese $49.95 each
Ham & cheese $49.95 each
Sausage, peppers, onions and cheese $49.95 each
Western: Ham, tomato, onion with grilled peppers & mushrooms $49.95 each
Home Fries: Serves approximately 10 - 12 - Red potatoes grilled with onions and lots of seasoning $24.95 each
We recommend a chafing dish for these items. Wire rack chafing dish that includes both a warming, and insert pan with a fuel, are available $15.95 each

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